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Fun and educational cartoon events for all ages with John Byrne, from Private Eye, The Stage, CBeebies and Nickelodeon TV
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Details and Fees:
John's 'how to draw' books have been highly successful for well over a decade (Learn to Draw Cartoons is now in it's tenth printing while John's latest book Need to Know: Cartooningwas published in UK and USA last year).
Better still, John'slive cartoon workshops have delighted literally hundreds of people at libraries, festivals and special events all over the country!
How to Bring Live Cartoon Fun to Your Venue:
In the most popular format, John works for one hour with a flipchart and some pens, and a group of people who can range in ages from six to sixty (and beyond!). The audience have each been given some sheets of paper and pens (nothing fancy needed-most venues simply use typing paper and whatever pens are available).
Over the next hour, John leads the group through a fast paced and fun session which will get them copying John's cartoons perfectly in the first five minutes...and doing their own cartoons by the end of the session!
How many people can take part?
John has successfully run the session with small numbers of 3-10 children (who can thus have more one to one attention), with school and library groups of 50 and over, and at festivals and theatres with audiences of over 100. (Of course for very large audiences John will need a microphone and overhead projector) He has also worked both indoors and outdoors.
Can John adapt the session to different audiences/age groups?
Yes. Given the wide range of abilty levels and age groups John's sessions usually attract the one hour running time has proven to be the most effective to deliver a fun family session which everyone can take part in. However from more intensive teaching and career advice sessions for aspiring cartoonists and comic strip artists, to brainstorming and creativity sessions for corporate and training events, John can adapt his input both content wise and time wise depending on your specific needs-please contact us to discuss your individual requirements.
How much does it cost?
John operates a scale of costs depending on size of organisation, travel involved etc. However as a rule of thumb the cost of one hour long session is currently £200 plus travel.
Return customers are increasingly common, for which John is most grateful, and many such festivals and library services like to book multiple sessions (for instance John recently did 9 libraries in Bradford over three days and 12 libraries in Berkshire over a week long period). For multiple bookings John is happy to discount the price of individual sessions.
(Please note that due to this (very welcome!) repeat business, John's diary tends to book up very quickly and in advance, especially for half term/summer weeks and for festivals such as The Big Draw. Sadly it is not yet possible to do two live events on different sides of the country on the same day, much as he would like to, so please do book early to avoid disappointment. )
Please contact us without obligation to discuss your own requirements further. Click here:
or call +44 7535 142728