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Fun and educational cartoon events for all ages with John Byrne, from Private Eye, The Stage, CBeebies and Nickelodeon TV
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Full Professional Standard Diploma Course Suitable for all Ages.
John is now the tutor for the prestigious Cartoon Correspondance Diploma Course run by the London Art College
An overview of the course is provided below.
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Course overview
The college has unrivalled experience in developing cartoonists. For almost 75 years from our beginnings in Fleet Street, we have been working with our students to help them realise their dreams - to become published cartoonists. Other providers offer pale imitations of our well proven course. With 28 study units covering every aspect of this marvellous art form - Getting started, Basic techniques, colour and perspective, The art of Humour, Cartoon layouts, Children, animals & birds in cartoons, Figure drawing, Heads & eyes, Features & expressions, Character identification, the main Joke formats, Strip cartoons, Caricatures and much much more - our students receive a comprehensive course that we believe is unequalled elsewhere. You can find shorter courses, you ''You can find cheaper courses - but you won't find a better one!''

London Art College's written course provides very practical advice, sound techniques and a modern approach to the subject. The course includes advice on selling your work and developing the commercial opportunities that your talent can open up. Working 4-6 hours a week, most students can complete the course in under twelve months. At the end of it, you will have the knowledge and skills you need to make the grade as a cartoonist with real prospects of selling your work on a regular basis.

John provides either written critiques via email / regular mail, audio files via the Artwork submission area, or audio critiques via regular mail on CD.

If you have scanning / photography facilities, students are able to upload their artwork to the Artwork Submission Area on our website. Each student is given a unique username and password on enrolment for their own private section in this area. Students can upload their artwork to this area for the tutor to collect and critique. The tutor will then upload feedback for the student to download or read.

Critiques via Regular Mail
If you do not have any facilities to upload your artwork, you can send your work in the normal way to the tutors centre and receive your artwork back with your critique.

All our courses are written to be complete in themselves. However we realise that students may appreciate being able to get clarification about various things as they work through their programme as well wanting reassurance that they are putting techniques into practice effectively. The Administration Centre is available seven days a week and the Course Artist provides the technical support to deal with relevant queries.

Most courses have their own dedicated Tutor. The Tutor keeps the course up to date and relevant to today's students. They are available to the individual student for advice and encouragement. Each course has regular exercises and assignments that are constructed in such a way as to give the student the opportunity to practice the techniques learnt on the course and to test themselves as they go along. The student is encouraged to submit the assignment work to the college for the tutor to critique. The student's work will be returned together with the tutorss personal critique. On many courses the assignment work may be suitable for inclusion in a student's Portfolio of Work that could be very useful later. The college will use the assignments submitted as the basis for any award of a Diploma or Certificate.

No previous experience is needed with this course. Basic drawing techniques are included in the programme. Course duration is approximately twelve months.

This is an overview of what is covered in the course and is not a complete list
quipment used
Areas covered
Skills developed
Suitable for:
Pen And Ink
Facial Expressions
Animals and Birds
Single Frame Cartoons
Strip Cartoons
Children’s Cartoons
Topical Cartoons
Editorial Cartoons
Sports Cartoons
Developing ideas
Basic Animation
Selling your work
All students
Samples pages from this course - click to enlarge
Below are some sample images from the course itself.